What’s Your Comfort Zone?

Everybody has a comfort zone. You and your buyer. When you come home each night, you may have a comfortable pair of slippers you always like to put on and a comfortable chair you like to sit in. This rings true with most professionals as well. The average person doesn’t want to rock the boat or make waves in the water. Most people like going to work each week, doing similar things they do every week and getting a steady pay check. Sales can be steady and growing as well if you do all the things necessary to assure your success. If you want a steady paycheck, you need to steadily prospect, present and close. If you want an increasingly larger paycheck, you need to increase your prospecting, presenting and closing. It’s actually a pretty simple equation. However, to many, it can be the hardest thing to do. From a buyers standpoint, this also is true. A buyer likes his same vendors, same product, same pricing, same budgets and everything to run perfectly with no worries. (In a perfect world of course.) Thank goodness for imperfection. Because, when anyone of these factors go a rye for a prospect that you are currently not working with, we as professional sales people are there to step in as a better vendor, with a better product, at a better price. So it’s your job to step out of your comfort zone and break the mold of the day to day life you live. And go for it!