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  • An Interview with Dr. Mary Ritz
  • An Interview on Let’s Have This Conversation
  • An Interview with Mark Kumar
  • An Interview with Kathryn E. Evan
  • An Afternoon With Dan Portik, Best Selling Author

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From product centricity to customer centricity with Dr. MAry Ritz and reaching anyone at any level online with Dan Portik.

Putting your business up on social media is one thing. Reaching anyone online—no matter what level they are at—is another. This is one of the many struggles many businesses encounter when setting up their online presence. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton brings over Dan Portik to help you do just that. Dan is the President of BVS Film Productions and the co-author of Fill Your Funnel: Selling with Social Media with Tom Hopkins. Taking us deeper into the online world, he shares with us his new book, The Secret Online Door, where he outlines in detail the successful online techniques he has used over the years to reach and negotiate with anyone at any level of success.

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Listen to the interview with Dan Portik on Let’s Have This Conversations, Ask More Get More Show with Laura Moon and Nicole Girouard.

How can Businesses Maximize their potential Online? With: Dan Portik from Aug 6, 2020

Best Selling Author Daniel (Dan) Portik was born in a rural area outside of Cleveland, Ohio. At an early age he found himself drawn to music and then later on in life added sales and marketing to his skill sets. As a Christian business owner for over 3 decades, Dan has had extensive experience in running successful marketing and video production companies. Dan has relentlessly focused on helping companies maximize there full potential online and in the social media space.

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Listen to the interview Dan Portik had with Mark Kumar, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, on July 12, 2020.

Have you ever wished there was a secret door online that could connect you directly to anyone at any business level that has the power and authority to give you exactly want you want? A door that can help you find and land that perfect job or reach that perfect customer you have always wanted to reach for a sale?Well now there is.Bestselling author Dan Portik will sharing with you some of his secrets

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Kathryn E. Evan interviews Dan Portik, best selling author, on “The Art of Inspired Selling” .
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“It was a great honor to have Dan Portik as my special guest today on my podcast.

Dan has an amazing story how he connected with the world famous Tom Hopkins, Southern California’s #1 Real Estate Agent and respected public speaker at Zig Ziglar events. ” [ hear the full podcast…]